This photo serie documents the techno culture in Berlin, and shows how it has been transformed into a mainstream culture that attracts millions of tourists to the city each year. This has led to the development of a very strong community of people of all ages, though largely between 20 and 45 years old. In clubs, people seek to break away from the stereotypes and pressures imposed on them by society on a daily basis. They are in search of freedom of expression, they want to be different and original and, most importantly, they want to find themselves. Yet, this community can be perceived as both homogenous and distressing. When everyone is in search of an identity that is connected to well-defined codes (such as fashion, dance, drug use, and exposure on social networks), there can only be one result: everyone ends up being the same. There is also, in my opinion, a strong pressure imposed by the strong influence — and maybe also dominance — that fashion and social networks have.

All of this has led to a change in techno culture. Eventually, trying to find oneself through the constant use of drugs can lead to the suppression of the same freedom that would have been originally sought. So, all of this could actually be just an illusion of freedom and alienation, as sold by establishments like Berghain. This means that being part of this community can lead to an imbalance which can turn into a dangerous adventure for those who are psychologically fragile.

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